Upcoming Travel Surveys - Greater Austin Area

Contact: Diann Hodges

Phone: (512) 832-7027

Date: Oct. 11, 2017

AUSTIN – Volunteers in the Austin area will soon be asked to participate in a transportation study sponsored by the Texas Department of Transportation. The insights gained from the study will help TxDOT and the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization prioritize local transportation projects, improve mobility and reduce congestion.

Two research firms, Gram Traffic Counting and ETC Institute, have been contracted by TxDOT to conduct travel surveys in the Austin area. Throughout this school year, randomly selected households and workplaces will be invited to participate in these surveys. Members of some households will be asked to log their travel over a 24-hour period. Others will have the opportunity to contribute information about specific trips during visits to local businesses and workplaces. In total, 3,000 households and 800 workplaces will be recruited to participate in the study.   

Please consider providing information for this study if asked. It does not matter how much you travel or whether your transportation is by car, bus, bicycle, or any other mode. Your responses will provide TxDOT with important information about travel patterns and characteristics in the community. Participation is voluntary, and all information obtained will remain confidential.

For more information about this project, please contact:

Christeen Pusch
TxDOT Travel Survey Program Manager
(512) 486-5120

If you are not asked to participate in the study and would like to share transportation-related information or suggestions with TxDOT, please contact us. Include "Attn: Christeen Pusch" at the beginning of your response in the comment box.


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