Seal Coat Projects Start in July

Contact: Gene Powell

Phone: (432) 498-4746

Date: June 28, 2017

ODESSA – Two separate seal coat projects are scheduled this summer in the Odessa District of the Texas Department of Transportation.

Each year the Odessa District seal coats select roads as part of a program to prolong the life of the roads. Seal coating offers three major benefits: it protects the road base by keeping water from seeping in; it seals cracks and stops them from spreading; and it provides a new surface, which improves safety.

It is likely that loose rocks will be encountered in the working areas during the seal coat process. Motorists are urged to find alternate routes if possible when work is happening.

Pilot cars and flaggers will be used on the majority of both projects due to necessary lane closures. Wait times will vary depending on the amount of traffic. Motorists should obey any warning signs or flaggers they encounter. Slower speeds are also advised.

First Project

The first of the two projects is scheduled to begin in July and be completed in early September. It will seal coat nearly 250 miles of roads. Cox Paving of Texas (Blanco, Texas) won this contract with a low bid of approximately $7.46 million.

Roads scheduled for work under this contract include:

Andrews County

  • FM 181 from Highway 176 to Highway 115.

Crane County

  • FM 1233 from FM 1053 to Highway 385.

Ector County

  • FM 1882 from Highway 385 North to Spur 450.
  • FM 1787 from Highway 385 to Midland County line.

Martin County

  • BI-20 from I-20 West to I-20 East.
  • FM 829 from Highway 176 to I-20.
  • Highway 137 from Dawson County line to BI-20.

Pecos County

  • Highway 285 from FM 1776 to Reeves County line.
  • I-10 from 12.4 miles east of Highway 67 to 0.4 mile west of FM 2886.
  • Highway 385 from BI-10 to Spur 194.
  • Spur 194 from Highway 385 to 1.4 miles west of Highway 385.
  • Highway 349 from Highway 190 to I-10.
  • Highway 385 from 17.9 miles south of Spur 194 to Brewster County line.

Reeves County

  • BI-20 from I-20 south frontage road to Ward County line.

Terrell County

  • Highway 285 from Pecos County line to Highway 90.

Upton County

  • Highway 329 from Crane County line to Highway 67.

Ward County

  • FM 1219 from Highway 18 to Spur 57.
  • Highway 18 from BI-20 to Winkler County line.

Winkler/Loving Counties

  • Highway 302 from Highway 18 in Winkler County through Loving County to Reeves County line.

Second Project

The second of the two projects is scheduled to begin in mid-July and be completed by Sept. 1. It will seal coat nearly 100 miles of roads. Ronald R. Wagner & Co., LP, of Kendalia, Texas, won this contract with a low bid of approximately $2.6 million.

Roads scheduled for work under this contract include:

Crane County

  • Highway 329 from 2.68 miles east of FM 1053 to Ward County line.
  • FM 11 from Ward County line to Pecos County line.

Martin County

  • FM 26 from FM 846 to Dawson County line.
  • FM 2212 from Ackerly to Howard County line.

Pecos County

  • FM 11 from Crane County line to 8.3 miles south of Highway 67.
  • FM 1053 from 1 mile southwest of Border Road to Hunt Road.

Reeves County

  • FM 869 from north frontage road of I-20 to Highway 17.
  • FM 1934 from FM 869 to Highway 17.

Ward County

  • FM 11 from Highway 18 to Crane County line.

As more exact scheduling details become available, dates will be posted on the Odessa District’s Twitter feed.


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