Project Studies: Abilene District

Before a project is built, a study must be done to determine if it will fill a transportation need, will not negatively impact the surrounding area and fits the department's overall plan. During the study phase, potential projects are analyzed to determine if they are cost-effective while also efficiently improving mobility. Some of these projects have moved beyond the study phase and are under construction.

Location Project Description
Abilene FM 89 (Buffalo Gap Road) Project
This study is an examination of FM 89 to identify improvements.
Abilene South Clack Restriping
Restriping South Clack from US 277 to FM 89.
Abilene South Clack Construction
Improvements to South Clack from Southwest Drive to US 83.
Abilene I-20 Corridor Study
This study is an examination of Interstate 20 as it is now by the TxDOT Abilene District.
Abilene I-20 Frontage Road Conversion Improvements to 4.5 miles of I-20 from Pine Street to Loop 322
Abilene US 83/US 84 Possible improvements to six miles of US 83/US 84 from Iberis Road S. to the US 83/US 84 split
Abilene US 83/277 at FM 3034 Overpass Possible improvements to US 83/277 to include an overpass at FM 3034
Abilene US 87 Truck Relief Route
Includes a new four-lane rural expressway providing two lanes in each direction with a wide median